Letters of Intent (LOIs)

The Founder’s Guide

Understand what an LOI is, terms and language it typically includes, and how the LOI process can affect you and your business. This guide is designed to help you navigate the complicated process of negotiating an LOI and avoid the missteps that can easily derail a successful outcome.

Feel more confident to respond effectively to an LOI with our guide. 

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What will you learn?

Even if you’re not actively engaged in a search for an investor, when you’re running a growing, successful business, a buyer might come knocking on your door proactively.

When a buyer makes an offer for your company, they’ll present you with a Letter of Intent (LOI).

Our guide:

  • Details what an LOI is and terms and languages it typically includes

  • Outlines how the LOI process can affect you and your business

  • Reviews the most common mistakes to avoid in negotiating the LOI

  • Explains how an investment banker can help you secure an LOI that puts you in the strongest position for the best outcome
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